Agra Cooking Classes

Cuisine of Agra is influenced by a number of neighbouring places and the variety of food reflects that. There are diverse dishes which are a part of local culinary culture which originated elsewhere and then were assimilated and given a local unique Agra flavour. A cooking class in Agra is a good way to learn about such nuances of a few Indian cuisines and how they assimilate locally. Most of cooking classes, unless specified otherwise are held in home kitchens of local families and hosted exclusively by them. So the participants not only learn to cook some Indian food, but also learn a bit about the daily lives of the families they visit, making it a complete India experience.

The menu of these cooking classes generally includes a 2-3 snacks, 2-3 drinks, a few vegetable dishes, lentils, breads, 1-2 desserts and accompaniments like chutneys, achaar etc. After one such cooking class, you can easily prepare what will be an equivalent of a 3 course meal. Most cooking classes are vegetarian unless specified otherwise. They can be made vegan on request. Meat dishes can be included on prior notice.

Details :

Price :

INR 6,500 per ticket on buying 2 or more tickets. One ticket for INR 7,500. Cooking classes on private basis can be arranged for extra cost.

Duration of Cooking Class :

4-5 Hours.

Food Type :

Vegetarian by default. Non-vegetarian, Vegan dishes can be arranged on request.

Number of food dishes available :

10-14 dishes.

Timing :

Can be between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm

Transport :

Free pickup and drop from Agra city.

Inclusions :

Tea, snacks, meal of cooked items, non-alcoholic drinks, bottled water, hand wipes.

Extras :

It is possible to have some extra fun activities like Sari wearing, heena tattoos, shopping, celebration of local festivals and a few more on request depending on season and availability.