Cooking classes

Custom Cooking classes for tourists in India

Jaipur Cooking Classes

Jaipur Cooking Classes While you are in Jaipur, why not give learning to cook local food a shot ? A cooking class in Jaipur takes you to the home of a local family where you can see how a typical middle class family lives, prepares meals and eats together. This not only helps you to…

Cooking Class Agra

Agra Cooking Classes

Agra Cooking Classes Cuisine of Agra is influenced by a number of neighbouring places and the variety of food reflects that. There are diverse dishes which are a part of local culinary culture which originated elsewhere and then were assimilated and given a local unique Agra flavour. A cooking class in Agra is a good…

Cooking Class New Delhi

New Delhi Cooking Classes

New Delhi Cooking Classes A cooking class in New Delhi is a great way to get acquainted with Indian cuisine not just by tasting local food, but also learning to cook. New Delhi’s cuisine is influenced by a number of different Indian cuisines and a cooking class there is a great way to learn a…